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    ClarusHR is an HR and employment law consultancy firm catering to companies of all sizes. They provide expertise in HR, diversity, training, workplace well-being programs, employment law, and workplace investigations. They offer on-demand services, addressing immediate client needs and supporting in-house HR professionals with legal counsel and experienced discussion support.

    ClarusHR’s Challenges

    LeadVales Solutions

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    • Increased effectiveness of sales outreach efforts with consistent sales pipeline for sustained growth
    • Enhanced lead nurturing leading to stronger connections and improved lead-to-customer conversion rates
    • Improved management and organization of large data volumes

    There was a 63% increase in revenue
    compared to the previous year.

    Client's Response

    LeadVales has provided us with invaluable data enrichment services, ensuring our customer data is always accurate and up-to-date. Their dedication and expertise have made a significant impact on our marketing and sales efforts, enabling us to connect with our target audience more effectively.

    Niosha Shakoori

    Niosha Shakoori

    Founder of ClarusHR
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